Meet Neha, DevOps Manager at Class

April 8, 2024
Neha talks about how to master a DevSecOps (Development, Security and Operations) pipeline by having the right people and the right technology resources in place.
Anna Sayer Class Careers

Meet Anna, Software Developer at Class

January 25, 2024
Anna is a Software Developer at Class, who returned to the field after a career hiatus. Anna is part of our STEM Returners program and started with us on a 12 week training program. Her story talks about the importance of resilience and positivity in the workplace, and how she has used these skills to learn and be the best version of herself.
Carolyn O'Brien

Meet Carolyn, Business Development Manager at Class

January 24, 2024
Carolyn embraces and thrives on collaboration and teamwork, oozes passion for her role, and holds herself to the highest integrity. She was one of our HUBhero Award winners and gives some great career advice on how to achieve success and recognition in your role and in life.

Meet Vatsal, Senior Feeds Analyst from Class

November 22, 2023
Vatsal is a Senior Feeds Analyst at Class, who is passionate about providing a positive experience for clients and using a proactive approach to seek opportunities and overcome challenges. As the winner of our HUBhero Client Focus Award, Vatsal outlines how empathy is his biggest strength to communicate and participate effectively within a team.