Meet Carolyn, Customer Service & Technical Compliance Manager from Class

November 29, 2023

Carolyn won the annual HUBhero ‘Collaboration’ Award and is passionate about using her role as a leader to support and empower her team.

Tell me about your role at HUB24 Group? What do you do?

I lead an amazing team of 15 people in the NowInfinity Customer Service team (since March 2021) and Technical Compliance team (since March 2023). Both teams were at their early formative stages when I assumed leadership and my focus has been to establish team structures and a clear vision of success for each team, encompassing operating rhythms, effective processes, ways of working and career pathways. This is an ongoing cycle as each team evolves. In addition, I liaise closely with our external legal services provider and the NowInfinity Product, BA and Technology teams to add updates/improvements to the legal document templates on our platform.

What has surprised you the most about the working culture at HUB24?

The open communication at every level is a standout and has been consistent since the day I started – transparency is so important for building trust. It is refreshing that everyone is encouraged to bring their own unique perspective and skillset to what they do. This contributes to the drive and pace with which goals are progressed. Our team spirit and sense of fun also keeps us balanced and the genuine recognition is something I find extremely motivating.

What is your ‘superpower’ and how to you use this in everyday life?

Colour coordinating my clothes. It’s just something I do without thinking – you will find me with jewellery or shoes matching a colour in my outfit even when ultra casual! On a more serious note, I would say hearing and seeing, in the sense of getting to the heart of the matter in situations and with people. I don’t always get it right, but I get it more right than wrong. Using my ears and eyes more than my mouth has helped me navigate so much in life and in the workplace – it’s especially helpful as a leader.

If there was one piece of career advice you could give someone, what would that be?

Don’t sit in the confines of a job description. Particularly in the formative stages of a career, maintain flexibility to gain exposure to functions outside your own role – this will broaden your business acumen. I have applied this across my career (and still do), and it helps keep me grounded, extends my capacity, and keeps things interesting by opening doors to new roles as my capabilities grow.

How do you differentiate yourself as a Leader?

Being available to my team and willing to support them in whatever way is needed at the time and doing my best to stay connected across my team. This allows me to keep my finger on the pulse, identify any obstacles and acknowledge the ‘wins’ of others. This spirit of willingness and open collaboration is also something I encourage across the team and beyond. My team’s success helps drive success for our business and customers. What success looks like for each team member is also important and I derive great satisfaction in helping them flourish in their roles and personal and professional development.

How do you empower your team to be the best they can be?

The first focus is the solid foundation of induction and next-level training that we provide, to create confidence and independence. Then, in recognising we can achieve more together than we can on our own, opening opportunities to team members to stretch capabilities and contribute above and beyond the daily routine is a great motivator. This often leads to other growth and career opportunities. Having a growth mindset is important and in return is the freedom to grow and utilise unique skillsets. Finally, a team that plays together stays together – we show appreciation and celebrate life together!

Any final wise words to anyone starting their career?

Start as you mean to go on – start positive and have a clear personal vision of what you want to achieve in your new role and habits you want to avoid (set your priorities). You don’t have to have your whole career mapped out from day one, but having a sense of vision for each role will help steer your path. The great thing with this is you can start fresh in each new role – taking your learnings from the last and making a better start, which will ultimately lead to a better finish!