Class Application Terms & Conditions

Class is in the process of updating its terms and conditions to better reflect the nature of our current services. The first step in this process is to replace our application terms and conditions with a new End User Licence Agreement (EULA), and to add separate data terms. During the transition process, the new terms and conditions may not yet apply to existing users.

Class End User Licence Agreement

Class Data Terms

Class API Terms

Previous documents

The previous terms may still apply to existing users.

  • To the extent that the existing terms of the “Software Services Agreement” (or other separate signed agreement) between us and the organisation which has given you access to use the Software (Existing Terms) prohibit us from imposing additional terms, this EULA will not apply, and those Existing Terms will continue to apply to your access and use of the Software; or
  • To the extent that any terms of this EULA are inconsistent with those Existing Terms, the terms of this EULA will not apply to the extent of such inconsistency.

Class Software Licence Agreement (previous version – historical only)

Class Application Terms and Conditions (previous version – historical only)