Together with our curated ecosystem of industry-leading companies and services, we help you harness the power of the Class solutions suite to transform your business. 

Automated, market leading data feeds  

Centralise and automate your entire data feed workflow with the Class network of over 200 data feed partners. Sourced directly from leading financial institutions, broker and wrap platforms; find an automated data feed partner to match your business needs. 

Industry leading partners and integrations

We partner with over 40 of Australia’s best-in-class companies from across the accounting and financial ecosystem, from actuarial certificates providers and audit software providers, to document providers, practice management and so much more. 

Preferred Audit Partners

The first step to delivering high-quality, professional and efficient service starts with having the right people,-business processes and strategic partners. Our audit marketplace will help you find the right SMSF audit partner to suit your business needs.

Partner with Class

Over 3,600 accounting firms are looking for the best cloud software that integrates seamlessly with Class. Connect to Class to create a powerful, holistic solution in the cloud for your customers. With over 10 years’ experience of partnering with the best in breed, we’ll be sure to take care of your customer’s needs.  

accounting and administration firms rely on Class
entities administered on Class
entities administered on NowInfinity
documents ordered on NowInfinity during the last 12 months
Source: Class and NowInfinity data as at 31 March 2024