“If you’re an accountant or an administrator, what you really want for your actuarial certificates is to be able to press a button, send the date off to your actuary, and get the response back in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort at your end, and that’s exactly what we can do with Class.”

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

“Class support is unrivalled in its professionalism and willingness to support its users. Whenever I reach out for assistance, the team always deliver and go the extra mile, no matter how tedious my my request may end up being! I never hesitate to pick up the phone when I am stuck. I only wish all tech support services were like Class.”

Karen Glover

Accountant, Argyle Professionals

“I looked at the Class Super offering 3 times before making a decision to trial it in our office. Having trialled it I quickly saw that the Class Super software package was going to be able to more efficiently process our super fund data. The mistake I made was not going with it straight away.”

Mackenzie & Co