Australia’s pioneer in cloud-based wealth accounting technology

At Class, we transform the ways businesses do work. As an award-winning Australian technology company, we champion automation, simplicity and connectivity for the wealth accounting industry through innovative cloud solutions. 

  • Customers first innovation

    We simplify and automate your everyday and help you achieve success so you can be free to focus on what matters most, your customers.

  • Australian Technology leadership

    Class pioneered Australia’s first cloud-based solutions for SMSF, corporate compliance and trust accounting and administration.

  • Award-winning excellence

    At Class, we’re proud of award-winning innovations and continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, so our customers can continue to thrive too.

  • Reliable and trusted

    The Class engine of data-feeds are ISO27001 certified in line with industry standards, giving you flexibility and opportunities to grow your business.

  • Accountants solution of choice

    Over 3,600 Australian businesses rely on Class’ technical expertise in solving back-office administration complexity.

Our vision is to reimagine a more simple, automated and connected world for the wealth accounting industry. 

accounting and administration firms rely on Class
entities administered on Class
entities administered on NowInfinity
documents ordered on NowInfinity during the last 12 months
Source: Class and NowInfinity data as at 31 December 2023

Our Mission

At Class, our vision is to reimagine a simpler, more automated world for our customers through innovation and technology leadership. We reimagine solutions through the smart application of technology to make processing and data connection painless and by simplifying complex customer problems. 

Our values

We succeed when we add value to our clients, partners and customers. We make it easier to access professional advice and empower better financial futures together.

Our Solutions

Whether you’re managing an SMSF, investment trusts, companies or individual trustees, Class’ powerful features will help make your wealth management and corporate compliance tasks simpler, automated and connected.  

Everything you need to know about Class

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