Enhance your SMSF process with an Actuarial Certificate Partner

Our Actuarial Certificate Partners are seamlessly integrated with Class Super to enable efficient, accurate, and cost-effective completion of your SMSF actuarial certificate requirements. 

Since July 2011, we’ve led the way as the premier SMSF software to integrate with actuarial certificate providers, pioneering automation in this area. We have assembled a panel of quality, experienced and leading actuarial certificates partners offering you a range of choices to help you to navigate your actuarial certificate needs.  

Integration, connectivity, and automation form the cornerstone of our SMSF administration solutions, driving an efficient and streamlined experience for you.

Why choose a Class Preferred Actuarial Certificate Partner?

Integrated with Class Super

Access technology-driven solutions for your actuarial certificate needs, integrated securely with Class Super. Our partners streamline the process, ensuring seamless data transfer and efficient completion of your SMSF actuarial certificates.

Cost-effective Actuarial Certificates

Our Actuarial Certificate Providers offer competitively priced SMSF certificates to Class Super clients. All our partners offer a high quality, professional and efficient services.

Easy to switch plus fast turnaround

Switching to a Class Preferred Actuarial Certificate Partner is easy. Most of the providers offer instantons actuarial certificate upon payment, which are then stored directly in Class Fund Documents. 

Meet our Actuarial Certificate Partners


Showcasing the Education and ETF Provider winners at SMSF Awards 2021 - SMSF Adviser


It’s more than just an online transaction for Accurium’s SMSF team, it’s their people who set them apart. Their award-winning service provides you with actuarial certificates within minutes. They are client focused and when you call, you will connect directly with qualified SMSF experts, ensuring you get the professional support you need.

Accurium provide free technical support for actuarial certificates and if you make a mistake, don’t worry because amendments are free of charge.

Accurium certificate clients receive complimentary access to a range of CPD accredited live webinars, enhancing your SMSF expertise and keeping you well-informed.

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Act2 Solutions

SMSF Compliance & Actuarial Certificates — Act2 Solutions


Specialising in preparing actuarial calculations and certificates of income tax exemption for Self-Managed Super Funds with a mix of pension and accumulation accounts, Act2 Solutions ensures comprehensive coverage. 


Act2 Solutions seamlessly integrates with Class Super, enabling automatic actuarial certificate requests and instant percentage calculations, streamlining year-end processes: 

  • Act2 focuses on precision and efficiency for thorough and accurate SMSF actuarial calculations. 
  • Automatic integration with Class Super for seamless actuarial certificates requests. 
  • The immediate percentage calculation feature accelerates year-end tasks, leading to improved turnaround times for SMSF delivery to auditors and clients. 


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Apricot Actuaries

Actuaries To The Retirement Industry – Apricot Actuaries


Apricot Actuaries upholds the principles of quality, efficiency, and safety, striving to address industry-wide issues for SMSFs through our actuarial expertise, ASFL, and technology solutions. 


With actuarial certificates, we have built a state-of-the-art order process that delivers accurate results every time. 


  • Our unique 3-factor authentication system identifies potential scenario issues in real time, minimising delays in finalising actuarial percentages. 
  • Apricot Actuaries offer special rates for Class Super users. 
  • Expertise combined with technology delivers personalised support and streamlined solutions for SMSF trustees and professionals. 


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Haintz Actuarial

Haintz Actuarial for SMSF

With over 15 years of experience, Haintz Actuarial is a proven and trusted provider in preparing SMSF actuarial calculations and certificates, particularly focusing on income tax exemption for funds that feature a combination of pension and accumulation accounts. 


Their online system is seamlessly integrated with Class Super, ensuring enhanced efficiency for their clients. 

  •  Their online system, integrated with Class Super, offers competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and personalized service:  
  • Their efficient processes enable fast turnaround times, allowing clients to meet deadlines with ease. 
  • SMSF professionals’ benefit from seamless efficiency and accessibility, supported by a team of experts readily available for technical queries. 


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Heffron - The Wealth Mosaic


Heffron stands out as a premier provider of comprehensive SMSF services, offering tailored solutions including premium actuarial certificates, all backed by over 15 years of practical experience.  


Heffron provides expert guidance and seamless integration with Class Super ensuring the delivery of accurate and compliant solutions. 

  • Specialisation in identifying pension tax exemption issues, ensuring precision and compliance in their services. 
  • The ability to pre-populate data directly from the Class platform into Heffron’s pension actuarial system, streamlining processes for efficient service delivery. 
  • Caters to SMSF professionals’ specific needs with premium services, particularly in of Actuarial Certificates for both account balance and defined benefit pensions.  


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Lime Actuarial

Lime Actuarial | LinkedIn


Lime Actuarial specialises in offering high-quality actuarial certificates tailored to SMSFs, ensuring speed, ease, and exceptional value for clients. Their streamlined integration with Class Super facilitates direct data flow, enabling instant certificate generation, allowing for efficient completion of annual returns and audits. 


  • An emphasis on efficiency and accuracy ensures clients receive timely and reliable service, empowering professionals to meet compliance requirements effortlessly.  
  • Dedicated to providing personalised support to each client, addressing their specific needs and queries.  
  • The team is readily available to assist clients throughout the process, offering guidance and clarification whenever necessary. 


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Verus SMSF Actuaries

Actuarial Certificates - Verus SMSF Actuaries


Verus SMSF Actuaries is a dedicated actuarial firm committed to serving the SMSF market with personalised service and expertise. They cater to a diverse range of SMSF stakeholders, including accountants, financial planners, administrators and trustees, offering tailored actuarial solutions to meet their specific needs. 


  • Verus SMSF Actuaries offers personalised service delivered by experienced actuaries with detailed knowledge of SMSFs and the broader superannuation landscape. 
  • Their in-house actuaries provide direct support, ensuring accuracy and reliability in all actuarial solutions tailored to individual client requirements.  
  • As an independent firm owned and operated by actuaries, they guarantee impartiality and integrity in all their services, remaining fully independent of any other party providing services to the SMSF market.


View Verus SMSF Actuaries’ Website