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Our most used documents:

Standard Company


Trust Establishment


SMSF Establishment


Trust Distribution


Important Information: Prices include GST. Prices exclude cost of hard copy printing and deeds stamping.
Prices include ASIC fee.

A full service solution for all your documentation needs

The provision of an optional, on-demand legal review service brings you added peace of mind when creating documents for your clients.

Key benefits

  • Legal backing so you sleep soundly

    All document templates continually go through a deep legal review and drafting process.

  • Efficiency is a breeze

    Efficiently manage the creation and execution of documentation to support the advice that you’ve given to your clients. Easily manage the complete work flow process from creation, management and completion.

  • Use your branding

    All the documents can be branded to suit your firm, or use our branding if you prefer.

  • Integrated to save time

    Seamlessly integrated with other platforms like Xero Practice Manager and Class Super.

  • Avoid data duplication

    Simply pull your existing data into NowInfinity with the click of a button. In one keystroke, reduce endless data duplication and time-wasting.

  • Constantly evolving

    Access 75+ document templates that evolve in response to client feedback.

  • Optimised workflows

    Use tools like electronic signing to finalise documents and communicate with your clients in real time.

  • Streamline registrations

    Setup bank accounts, ABN, TFN and ACNs in seconds.

NowInfinity Legal Services Providers

NowInfinity provide technology solutions for the delivery of legal document templates that have been prepared and maintained by our external legal providers.

We also maintain a help desk that can be used to access legal services provided to you by our panel of external legal providers.

Document Subscription: Unlock savings across each package.

Doc 25

$2,000 / Year

Documents included
25 per annum

Doc 50

$3,800 / Year

Documents included
50 per annum

Doc 100

$7,250 / Year

Documents included
100 per annum

NowInfinity Doc200 image

Doc 200

$12,000 / Year

Documents included
200 per annum

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Pricing Options

Pay as you go – over 70 legally backed documents, instantly available for efficient, streamlined entity creation.

Suitable for accounting practices ordering 25+ documents per year. Simply sign up and enjoy the cost savings.

Tailored subscription packages that include Documentation Suite and Corporate Messenger to deliver greater productivity to your practice.

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Prices exclude GST, Client Legal Review, and the cost of hard copy printing and deeds stamping.

Number of documents in each package denotes document inclusions per annum.

Pricing denotes total annual fee on fixed monthly charge.

Any document usage over the cap at each package will be charged based on Pay As You Go pricing.

Prices exclude ASIC fees on document purchases.

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