We deliver robust, fit-for-purpose solutions that give you and your clients peace of mind when obtaining legal sign-off on your documents.

NowInfinity’s Legal Review Framework

(Referral & Fulfilment Service)

Providing direct and streamlined access to our third party legal services provider, this framework enables your completed documents to be reviewed by experienced lawyers and protects you and your clients against possible risks based on your individual circumstances.

  • Legal Templates

    70+ legal online document templates. All templates legally-backed with regular reviews plus optimisation. Easy access to high-quality documents when structuring client wealth.

  • Client Legal Review

    Legal review / sign-off on your completed documents by our third party legal services provider. 3 categories of service with fixed tiered pricing. Reduce significant potential legal risk associated with creating business structures by using our third party legal services provider.

  • Client Legal Advice

    Legal advice channel by our third party legal services provider. Customer-built legal documents and advice. Engage our third-party legal services provider experienced with legal documentation.

Client legal review – 3 categories of service

Add your desired level of legal review to meet your client’s needs. Readily available as an optional add-on service when you are seeking that extra layer of legal protection.

  • Data Confirmation – $125 (ex GST)

    When the data entered is to be reviewed by the legal services provider

  • Scope Review – $295 (ex GST)

    When the document produced is to be reviewed in light of particular concern(s) identified by you

  • Comprehensive Review – $600 (ex GST)

    When the entire situation of your client needs to be considered

Introductory Information Sheets

Examples of functions provided over different categories.

Overview of our Legal Service Provider, DGF Morgan and Associates.

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