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Create and manage SMSFs with Australia’s pioneer in SMSF cloud solution.

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Standardise and automate your trust accounting and administration.

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Accurate daily investment reporting for companies, trusts and individuals.

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Corporate compliance, and entity management on one solution.

accounting and administration firms rely on Class and NowInfinity
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Source: Class and NowInfinity data as at 30 June 2023

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Our customers share their success stories and how Class helped them along the way.

“Class Trust gives us comfort that we’ve captured all of the information on a client’s portfolio, leading to more complete and accurate outcomes.”

Winston Lee

Assistant Manager – SMSF

“Class support is unrivalled in its professionalism and willingness to support its users. Whenever I reach out for assistance, the team always deliver and go the extra mile, no matter how tedious my request may end up being! I never hesitate to pick up the phone when I am stuck. I only wish all tech support services were like Class.”

Karen Glover

Accountant, Argyle Professionals

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