Document management

Easily store and manage your documents

Now there’s a simple way to store, organise and manage documents in Class. Our document management solution means you’ll never have to spend time looking for documents again – you can simply tag and link them within Class so you can easily search for and retrieve them at a later date, all in a secure environment.

Class document management provides a single source of truth for all your compliance and investment portfolio documentation, delivering significant efficiency and collaboration opportunities.

Easy to use, with great results
From within the Class application, at the portfolio level, you simply upload documents directly to your file store. Document dates can be added, and file names changed as needed.

Importantly, you can quickly tag documents so you can easily locate them later using sophisticated filtering. Simply choose from the pre-defined list of tags within Class, or you can set up your own customised categories of tags to suit your business.

In Class, you can even tag documents to a beneficiary, or their account.

Making the process easy for you
Documents that are generated within Class will be automatically stored by the document management solution for future reference, saving you considerable time.

Plus, all existing documents related to your client’s entities or investment portfolio – for example property valuations – will be automatically ported into Class document management for you.

Lastly, when you need to – you can also download documents from Class, and where necessary, remove them.

You decide who sees what
Document access control allows you to restrict access to particular roles; you can easily choose who sees what.

If you have a read only role, you will still be able to search and view document meta data and download documents.