On Demand Learning

Learn how to make the most of Class’ products and build your business. Choose from free industry courses, training modules, fact sheets, videos and technical articles

  • Class fundamentals

    Learn how to use Class and how to process entities for SMSFs, trusts and more.

  • Class data feeds

    Find out how to efficiently use Class industry leading data feeds for your everyday admin.

  • Reporting, year end and ATO lodgement

    Our best practice resources to access, run and manage reports for SMSF lodgement.

  • Best practice processing

    Access resources from entity administration, reporting to management tips for efficiency.

  • Members and pensions

    Learn how to match transactions, manage pensions and commutations, benefit payments and more.

  • Managing your property investments

    Make the most of Class’ resources on investment trusts, property processing and non-SMSF entities.

Our on-demand training modules provide a flexible learning approach and can be accessed on any device, at any time by all Class customers.

accounting and administration firms rely on Class
entities administered on Class
entities administered on NowInfinity
Source: Class and NowInfinity data, as of December 2020