Class Trust empowers you to simplify and automate your trust accounting and administration in an industry-first cloud solution.

Trust accounting and administration

Class Trust can rapidly drive business efficiencies, solve disjointed manual processes and finally delivers a genuine trust accounting solution for accountants through comprehensive trust financial statements, tax reporting and electronic lodgment.

Trust accounting

Sophisticated trust financial statements

Class Trust delivers dynamic reporting and detailed financial statements. Class Trust gives you a holistic view of an entity’s financial position including income, capital gains and helps you make informed decisions. On Class Trust, you can also find out how to distribute any retained earning amounts to the relevant beneficiaries of a trust entity.  All financial statements, tax and investment reports can be generated on-demand and customised to your firm’s needs.

Trust tax reports

Simplified trust tax reports

With Class Trust, you have easy access to accounting and tax reports to help you eliminate all excel work papers, helps you reduce the risk of errors, and provide you with the confidence that all the required information has been captured.

Using our range of tax reports (tax accounting reconciliation report, statement of net income report and statement of distribution report), the trust tax return is automatically calculated for you and you have all the numbers to streamline the review process.

Electronic lodgment

Lodge your tax returns electronically, direct to the ATO

Class Trust now supports Electronic Tax Lodgment, allowing users to lodge their tax returns direct to the ATO from the Class Application. Save hours of manual entry and avoid the risks associated with the double handling of data.

Customers have reported complex tax returns that consist of multiple elements now only take 30 minutes to lodge, down from from 3-4 hours, a 85% increase in efficiency.

Income streaming

Automated income streaming

With Class Trust’s Income Streaming feature, you will have a standardised process for streaming franked income, attached credits, and capital gains. The Income Streaming feature helps you easily distribute these different classes of income according to what was determined in the trustee resolution.

This saves significant time manually calculating the relevant income components and distributions for each beneficiary on spreadsheets. And helps you to focus on where it matters – helping your clients get their records up-to-date and on time on or before year-end.

Corporate actions

Bulk processing of corporate actions

Easy processing of both simple and complex corporate actions, through automated data feeds, smart calculators and bulk processing capabilities. Our corporate actions can be easily accessed and processed at a business level and trust or entity or client level to help you manage your clients’ funds with ease.

Tax statements

Tax statement automation

Automated prefilled of tax statement components and data will help to dramatically reduce tax statement data entry and preparation time.

Electronic Signatures

Accelerate your business with Electronic Signatures

Class’s Electronic Signatures solution helps you sign agreements and contracts digitally. Developed in partnership with DocuSign the features include pre-populated Class Reports, information porting to DocuSign and Signature Tracker to monitor document status. With DocuSign’s global security standards, you’ll be using the strongest data encryption technologies including two-factor authentication providing the highest security for your client documents.

Our Electronic Signatures solution helps you to:

  • Save time: Up to 82% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 49% in less than 15 minutes* 
  • Gain efficiencies: Eliminate manual tasks and gain efficiencies for your customers.  
  • Reduce costs: Reduce business costs and spend your time on what matters most to your customers. 

Reporting and client servicing

Class Trust puts you in complete control of your entities. It’s a flexible, scalable solution that rapidly drives business efficiencies, makes trust admin more profitable, streamlines client services and fuels business growth – whatever your current business environment.

Property valuations

Complimentary property valuations

With a click of a button, you can receive instant residential property valuations directly from RP Data (CoreLogic) at no additional cost. Additional valuation types and services, such as title searches from RP Data can also be ordered and tracked on Class.

On Class, you can also access a depreciation worksheet for all your properties in order to automate the calculation of depreciation each financial year.

Client view

Streamlined client view

Class’ client view allows you to provide trustees and clients with 24/7 access to their own up to date view of investments and trust data from any device. Whenever you’re ready, you can simply invite your clients to have secure access to their data.

You can white-label your client view and invitations to clients to look and feel like your own brand.

Client messaging

Automated client messaging

Class’ client messaging provides a simple and secure way to exchange messages and documents between you and your clients. It is as simple to use as the texting and messaging programs available on your smartphone, but with the filtering capabilities of email.

Entity processing

With Class Trust, you get to choose exactly which elements of trust administration you work on, and which you pass to other service providers – with the added confidence of knowing your client relationships stay protected throughout.

Data Feeds

Industry-leading data feeds

Over 200 direct-connect data feeds for banks, brokers and wraps – daily, securely and at no additional cost. Our data feeds have been awarded an ASAE3402 certification, which can help reduce audit complexity and lodgement time frames.

Daily reconciliation of transactions and confirmation of quantities saves you time and greatly improves productivity.

Journal entries

Automated journal entries

Automated ‘business events’ will save you having to complete general journals and multiple transactions, which is simpler, more accurate, and less error-prone.

All transactions include a full audit trail and are easy to trace and simple to reprocess where required.

Income generation

Income generation automation

Class automatically generates income, using announcement data from the ASX and other financial markets.

Income, franking credits and withholding tax are automatically processed, based on the information received from these sources.

Foreign assets

Foreign asset support

Foreign asset support provides accountants and financial advisers involved in the maintenance of investment portfolios with a greatly simplified solution to process and account for foreign equities and cash.

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