Want to increase your efficiency in your practice? Not aware of all the NowInfinity features available?

NowInfinity 5 Day Bootcamp Webinar Series will allow you to gain knowledge, keep up to date with best practices and allow you to develop new skills to take your day-to-day work to the next level. No matter your role, there’s a session for you.

Learn about automating processes on NowInfinity with hands on learning and in-depth training. Don’t miss attending these 45 minute sessions designed to take a deep dive into better utilisation of NowInfinity features to ensure you get the most value out of your software.

Day 1: Introduction to NowInfinity

Get an overview of Corporate Messenger, Trust Register, Super Comply and the Class and XPM integration. Understand how to access support resources, learn about notifications, how to access Release notes, personalise your platform and how to update account settings.

Duration: 45 mins

Day 2: Corporate Messenger overview

Learn FAQ’s related to Corporate Messenger, accessing company profiles and using features such as Pins & Account Managers. Increase efficiencies with bundle changes for multiple actions and deep dive into share allotments, transactions and share related forms.

Duration: 45 mins

Day 3: Annual Statements, e-signing processes and customisation

Want to save time and increase productivity? See how to set up and customise e-signing and reminders to send your NowInfinity documents in the most efficient way. Learn how to prepare and send your Annual Statements while tracking and staying on top of outstanding ASIC fees.

Duration: 45 mins

Day 4: Create, track and manage ASIC forms

Change details to company profiles with ease by creating ASIC forms from NowInfinity. Optimise your workflow by tracking signing status, scheduling reminders, and record keeping.

Duration: 45 mins

Day 5: Documentation Suite, Trust and Fund Registers

Take a guided demo through the Documentation Suite, Trust Register and Super Comply products and learn how to access available integrations with Class and XPM to enhance your workflows.

Duration: 45 mins