Business is better when you go paperless

Faster agreements

Get your annual return statements and other documents signed quicker by digitising the process.

Lower costs

Reduce hard costs and spend your money on what matters most to your customers.

Productivity gains

Eliminate manual tasks and gain efficiencies for your customers in a COVID-safe environment.

Increased data security

Improve information security by avoiding the risks of physical data breaches.

Send and Sign with Success

  • Pre-populated Class reports with signatory tags

    Save time by using pre-populated Class Reports with signatory tags updated in the right places.

  • Follow your progress with our Signature Tracker

    You can see the status of your documents real-time at a business and fund-level.

  • Efficient porting of contact details to DocuSign

    Our integration with DocuSign helps you to add personalised email messages, carry over important information, making it easy to send communications to every client.

  • Two factor authentication for high levels of security

    With DocuSign’s global security standards, you’ll be using the strongest data encryption technologies available for your client documents.

Going paperless saves time

  • Internal processes become 90% more productive when you don’t have to pin down busy executives for their signatures
  • 84% of agreements were completed in just one day

Source: Forrester Consulting study on the total economic impact of DocuSign


Is e-Signatures free for all Class customers? 

Yes, e-Signatures has been made available free of charge to all Class customers on an SSLA. Customers that have already signed a paid contract for the service will no longer be billed from 1 July 2022. 

Customers that wish to take up the offer and are not currently on an SSLA can reach out to their Account Manager on 

What’s new at Class? 

Class has been working hard to deliver regulatory changes including SMSF (SuperStream) Rollovers and Release Authorities. In addition, we launched new services like Workpapers and Electronic Signatures to help transform how our customers prepare, sign and manage contracts.  

We’re pleased to announce e-Signatures is now available, free of charge from 1 July 2022 to all Class customers.  

Class has also delivered a range of new features during the year, find out what’s new at 

What happens next? 

If customers have any questions regarding accessing e-Signatures for free, they can contact their Account Manager at   

See how Electronic Signatures work at Class

About DocuSign

Class is proud to partner with DocuSign, the leading global pioneer of the development of e-Signature technology. DocuSign helps over 750,000 businesses worldwide connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements.