My journey in my first year as a new Tech Graduate

December 21, 2022

The job search that follows right after graduating is exciting and stressful at the same time. Your experience at your first workplace can be very impactful.

Meet Adam, he is a dedicated automation tester who chose Class as his first graduate job since leaving university.

What is your piece of advice for anyone applying for a graduate role here?

“Confidence is your best friend! Be confident in your interviews, do not forget to come prepared and do not be afraid to be yourself”

Tell us a bit more about how you started out and how it is going for you

“When I graduated, I was looking through a few companies and happened to look at Class at one point. Just looking at how well established it was – I immediately thought there was a lot to learn! There was something about their internal culture here – the experiences, the diversity and everything really attracted me. During onboarding, I watched all the introductory videos, and I had no doubt that this was a good place to start. I took the job, and I did not really give it a second thought.”

Working with a diverse proportion of people teaches you a lot! This was the first time Class brought graduates in, so it was new to them and me. I work on the automation testing side of things. Developers write up in code, and then I got to make a small subset of whatever features they produce – this is what happens day to day. I know this sounds simple and straight, but I have learnt a lot working for Class.

What have you learnt so far?

“This is a very dynamic environment – sometimes things do not work but that is the challenge! At times like these, there is always someone around to help, which is good because it opens more opportunities to learn. One of the most exciting things that I have done is learning how to use Selenium and C# – I have never had the chance to learn them back in university. While I was studying, it was a lot of individual work, and nothing reflected the workplace environment I am in now. This is exactly why I am grateful for my experience here – I now understand how to interact with others, who to ask for certain things and who to ask for help! You pick all of that up as you progress, which is great.

I was a little nervous because I was just starting out, but the onboarding experience was really good! The HR (Human Resources) team was very inviting – they took me step-by-step on everything I needed to know! When I first stepped into the office, I was surprised to see the extent to which everyone was welcoming – I saw that “happy to help” nature with everyone. Looking back, it was a smooth transition for me.

One of the best benefits with Class is the flexibility we all enjoy. Working from home on some days has its own advantages – it gives you balance, and you now have more time to do other things. Outside of work, I love to exercise and read and having this decent work life balance has been extremely helpful!

I’m looking forward to starting my journey as a Testing Engineer in 2023.” 

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