My experience starting as a Technology Graduate at Class

September 20, 2022

Getting a job right after graduating is incredibly exciting, but also daunting! How do we smoothen the path for our younger generations? How do we create endless opportunities for them to learn and grow from? Tara, our lovely graduate, has some incredible things to share!

“What made me choose Class? The opportunity to improve my learning curve! I was working in the Technical Support team at an accounting firm, but the software was quite old. I always wanted to develop myself professionally and that is when I came across Class! I immediately thought it was a perfect choice, especially because Class was built around the latest technology.

Now, I am in my first rotation of graduates – what is interesting about working here is that there are always resources to learn from. A typical day is quite straightforward! Every morning, we have a daily stand-up to discuss our plan for the day, right after that I usually have meetings with my co-workers to break down our projects. This is a great start to our routine – leaves me feeling ready for the day!

Our managers and seniors are always around to give me some useful tips and training material. Here, you will always have people helping you find answers – It feels amazing to work together, especially because I am new here.

My learning experience so far has been fulfilling! When I was a student, I did not have any opportunities to physically do what I was learning – but with Class it is exactly what I wanted it to be. I was a Data Science student and did not know anything about DevOps. Fast forward to now, I have learnt some cool things – new processes and languages, deploying a whole project, tracking analytics systems, cloud-based services and even AWS – that is amazing for me!

How can workplaces create an environment where employees do not have to say, “I can’t because of work”? All of us have hobbies and all of us love investing some of our time into them. How can we better our work-life balance?

“Quite honestly, I love the hybrid work culture at Class – It gives me some time to do all the things that I love, I like to sit with my puzzles at home! Overall, I think it is a great balance for all of us. I also love going to the office on some days, it is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with my colleagues, see each other, and have face-to-face meetings.

My advice for any young graduate out there would be to always prioritize the company’s culture while picking your job. It is important to have a great work environment to make the whole experience fulfilling. At Class, it is easy, no stress, fun and always ready to help!”

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