Meet Neha, our Principal DevOps Lead who empowers her tech team every day!

October 18, 2022

What is DevOps? Neha is a DevOps Leader who empowers and leads a team of 6 people. Neha says DevOps is the smartest career choice at the moment! With DevOps you always get to work with the latest technology and new automation techniques. I believe it’s a very enriching career experience because you’re mostly working with different teams across the organisation. You’re bound to learn every single day.

But wait, what does a DevOps engineer do?  

Basically, they are experienced IT professionals – they know a lot about Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC – right from the beginning until delivery. At Class, we are the backbone of our IT department. We get to work with different teams, from software developers to IT Operations. We also help deliver our systems and maintain the IT infrastructure.

As a female leader, how do you differentiate yourself?

As a leader, I am always more involved with everyone in the technology group. We are a group of amazing people, and I do not differentiate myself from any of them. I always remember that I am a part of my team, and our focus is to support Class.

Whenever there is a problem, my priority is getting to the ground level together and grabbing as many details as I can. I think detail is very important – without that, I would never have that sense of clarity about our issues – and without clarity, I cannot support my team and help resolve the problems on time. This approach always helped me in maintaining transparency within my team – it builds good trust and rapport! Once this is sorted, everything else falls in its place.

What is so different about our working culture? Why did you choose Class?

The main difference is organisational transparency – by that what I mean is – when I joined Class, I got to meet both, our CEO and CTO during the onboarding itself. You never forget some of those interactions!  All hands meetings are the best – they basically give you an insight into what’s happening around, especially on the technological front. You also get to hear our CTO’s point of view. You can always ask questions directly to our leaders quite freely and when this is allowed, it’s reassuring. You become more confident and gain that clarity of thought; absolutely no room for assumptions in your brain!”

How do you empower your team to be best they can be?

I like to create a good, positive environment within my team – a safe space in which everyone can talk, share ideas and just learn confidently! I love the idea of having brainstorming and troubleshooting sessions with my team members – you know why? – it’s that time where we all come together to discuss and walk away simply being on our best game for the day.

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