Meet Mike – 60 years old and celebrating his 9th anniversary at Class

September 20, 2022

There must be something very special if an employee wants to stay on board for almost a decade! What fosters a happy, and inclusive work environment? What makes our employees come in and choose to make a difference every day? Meet Mike, our loving 60-year-old Principal Business Analyst championing a team of 8 people, who is also celebrating his 9th anniversary with Class.

In his nine unforgettable years, Mike has seen Class transition from a small start-up to hitting big milestones!

When I first started out at Class, it was all of 35 people! We were very close-knit, and all of us worked on the same floor. It was like a giant family, and everyone loved socialising with everyone very often. In terms of internal processes like HR, Security, and Software Development, it was all quite easy back then – less robust and rigorous!

Now fast forward to 9 years, we are over 200 people strong and more geographically spread, both internally and externally. Diversity and Inclusion in every workplace are important, and Class is no exception to that.

“We are now a large company, but our approach has always remained the same – People first! I was in my early 50s when I first joined, and I was recruited due to my personal reputation. I came in as one of the oldest employees, and did I ever feel not included? Never! Class has always supported my life situation – training, development and even planning for my retirement. Everything is made approachable, and the management extends this support companywide!

In the last few years, we have recruited several people my age and some even older than me – our oldest one is about to hit 70 very soon! In most cases, age diversity is not taken seriously, but here, age is truly just a number – we are diverse in a lot of ways which makes us extraordinarily strong”

Employees need a purpose to come in every day – It is not just about what is in our services but what is in our hearts

If you ask me what has kept me here for so long, it’s the combination of interesting work – challenging, fast-paced, and always having things to learn from – we are a whole knowledge system! I am always surrounded by a lot of talented and passionate people that make work so interesting.

During my time here, I’ve never looked for another role – never been tempted by any other offers. Why? Because every morning, I know that I am contributing to a meaningful purpose and enjoying it at the same time – Isn’t that what everyone really wants? I am specifically passionate about Class’s software, and I show up to work with the same goal – how do I contribute to making this service more profound? I am going to retire one day and the best way to do it is to pass on my knowledge and experience to the ones after me. My focus, right now, is to not only contribute directly to software development but also to develop the BA team so they can contribute as best as they can”

What about fulfilment? How do we create enriching experiences? Employees strive to make a difference beyond just the walls of our company – how do we accomplish that?

“Class has always acknowledged that everyone has a different life situation, both inside and outside. We all get along well as an organisation – what’s the proof? Ah, our strong social conscience! There are lots of social events and charitable causes running throughout the year – one of my favourites is Dollar for Dollar. What’s wonderful about these events, is that they are for everybody – all age groups, all ethnicities, and all religions! You learn so much from these experiences, you always get to take a great commute back home, feeling fulfilled and empowered”. Thanks, Class for a wonderful challenging 9 years and here’s to many more!

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