Reimagine your end-of-year preparation process with our new Workpapers solution.

Now free and exclusive for Class users, Powered by Cloudoffis

We’ve partnered with Cloudoffis to offer you an innovative Workpapers solution – fully integrated into your Class ecosystem – for free.

The Class + Cloudoffis integration helps you revolutionise your SMSF practice and gain efficiencies.

80% reduction*
in document handling time
28 minutes saved*
per workpaper pack using 1 click transfer
93% reduction*
in time spent Workpaper collation & send to auditor

Class Workpapers, Powered by Cloudoffis – Free and exclusive for all Class users

Class Workpapers powered by Cloudoffis exclusively supports Class accountants and administrators in end-of-year preparation on the cloud. With this innovative solution, you can organise and reference documents and then securely and easily collate and send for audit.

Reduce up to 80% of document handling

  • Upload documents for bookmarking
  • Run OCR to search, tag and reference

Remove entire collation and correction steps

  • Auto-compile Class financials and documents
  • Generate and re-work PDF files in a single click

Prevent repetitive work with automated referencing

  • Automatically hyperlink documents to accounts
  • Simply search OCR documents for closing balance

Organise external workflow and document sign-off- coming soon

  • Seamlessly transfer to auditors with Cloudoffis
  • Use dashboard for Cloudoffis auditor queries

Save an average of 28 mins per workpaper pack*

 Collating Workpapers & Sending to Auditor

Traditional Processes

Traditional Processes

  • Print, compile and re scan Workpaper pack, or ​
  • Using PDF software, combine files and build links​
  • Upload files to auditor portal or their DMS of choices​
    Send Via Email ​

Average Time: 30 mins​


Class Workpapers solution New

Class Workpapers solution


Cloudoffis Auditor​

  • 1 Click transfer audit job ( All data and docs from Class will be sent as an audit job to you Cloudoffis auditors portal) ​

Non Cloudoffis Auditor ​

  • 1 Click generate PDF Workpaper pack including financials and Class Reports and hyperlinked Source docs, send or upload to auditor

Average Time: 2 mins​

Need more? Explore SMSF sorted pro – paid version with advanced capabilities

Sorted Pro will provide greater file preparation capability, fund dashboards, access to AI generated reconciliations, practice management insights, communication and query management tools, compliance checks and more. SMSF Sorted Pro includes everything in SMSF Sorted Lite, plus:

Use AI to automate entire accounting steps

  • Intelligent document recognition and processing
  • Automated compliance, review and referencing

Manage jobs, staff, and workflow quality in one place

  • Staff logins and assignments
  • One-click notation & management review

Accelerate workflow and minimise human oversight

  • Customised, Excel-like reconciliation checks
  • Automated red-flags and 21 observations

Enjoy unlimited capacity & convenience with Sorted DMS

  • Additional file storage for complete coverage
  • Mirrored datasets in Class and Sorted

Reduce up to 80% of document handling*

Document Organising and Referencing

Traditional Processes

Traditional Processes

  • File individual or combined PDFs to drive or DMS (build out folders manually)
  • Prepare/import lead schedules and summaries in Excel or Print Class Trial Balance to use as lead schedule.
  • Reference accounts or trial balance to source documents. May be physically referencing paper  files or digitally building hyperlinks.
  • Update/re-start references and workpapers as data changes.

Average Time: 2-3 hours​

Class Workpapers solution New

Class Workpapers solution

    • DMS created based on chart of accounts​
    • Upload individual or a single unsorted PDF (Not in a particular order).​
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is run over all required documents in minutes to create readable and searchable data.​
    • Either open and bookmark docs, linking to accounts or simply Search closing balance, quantity or account name.​
    • An account level document Hyperlink is presented to Class user with link opening to reference point of PDF​
    • Data live/refreshed in Class to prevent re-works​

    Average Time: 45 mins​

About Cloudoffis

Class is proud to partner with market leader Cloudoffis. Cloudoffis not only automates the entire manual SMSF process outside of the SMSF admin software providers but also provides highly intuitive and intelligent tools to enhance and Accountants and Auditors’ ability to conduct critical analysis and streamline their process.

 Source: *Cloudoffis, 2021