Class is the technology provider that your accountant or administrator has selected, to help provide the best possible service to you.

Founded in 2005, Class develops software for the wealth accounting market. We are an Australian company with customers include top tier accounting firms, smaller accounting practices, professional SMSF administrators, financial advisers and auditors.

Our products

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Create and manage SMSF’s with Australia’s pioneer in SMSF cloud solution.

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Standardise and automate your trust accounting and administration.

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Fast, accurate daily investment reporting for companies, trusts and individuals.

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Corporate compliance, and entity management on one solution.

How Class works with your accountant, adviser or administrator

Class helps accountants and advisers to more accurately and efficiently administer, manage, and report on their clients’ SMSFs and other investment portfolios. Daily, direct and secure data feeds from banks, brokers and platform providers ensure data is accurate and up to date.

While Class software can only be licensed by wealth professionals, trustees and investors can still have their own 24/7 secure online access, from any device. This means you can quickly view your investment income, performance, valuations, asset allocation and more – wherever you are. Having this up to date access to your data keeps you in the picture, and helps feed your investment decisions.

You may have seen our name

It’s possible you’ve already seen our name in one or more places. Class is required to be mentioned in a number of aspects of the system, for example on data feed authority forms and on our SuperStream documentation. You can read more about Class, and what we do, here.

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