Corporate Messenger saves you time and delivers compliance efficiency with integrated DocuSign® at no extra cost*

Up-to-date access via ASIC Portal connection

Our daily sync with ASIC keeps you on top of compliance tasks. Manage annual company statements, debt reporting and prefilled forms to reduce admin time and stay on top of deadlines.

Smart client management with task automation

Automate email and text reminders for client tasks including Annual Statements.​ Personalise the experience with your business logo and custom domain.

Partner for success with our dedicated onboarding specialists

Access the expertise of our dedicated onboarding specialist for 30 days at no extra cost. We manage your data migration and ensure you are set up for success.

Better together, create and manage legal documents on NowInfinity

Access a single user-friendly platform for creating legal docs, ASIC company compliance, SMSF compliance and Australia’s first online Trust register.

Instant bulk company changes

Save money and time. Eliminate repetitive data entry and avoid human error in form filling. Make changes to companies in bulk for example an address change or contact details.

Stay on the top of late fees

Proactively manage your client’s company debt and always have a clear picture in debt reporting.

Send and Sign with integrated DocuSign®

  • Faster preparation with pre-populated ASIC forms

    Save time by using pre-populated ASIC forms with signatory tags updated to make the client experience seamless.

  • Follow document progress with real-time Signature Tracker

    Track the status of your documents real-time at a company level with Signature Tracker.

  • Efficient transfer of contact details for easy client communications

    Our integration with DocuSign® enables you to personalise email messages, carry over important information, making it easy to send tailored communications to clients.

  • Two factor authentication security for peace of mind

    DocuSign® includes two factor authentication as a standard security feature which provides a second layer of protection over your account access.

“NowInfinity is the only reason that I can manage ASIC compliance for our clients. For anyone that is as allergic to paper mail as I am, having the Annual Returns all in one system with a beautiful design, easy to use information and simple e-sign, you cannot ask for any more”

Paul Meissner
Director – 5ways Group Chartered Accountants

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Create efficiency and reduce admin time on NowInfinity

30 November, 2023 12:00 PM
Learn how to manage ASIC compliance with ease, get optional on-demand legal review, create legal documents and run entity management on the NowInfinity platform.
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*NowInfinity Corporate Messenger Pricing
Corporate Messenger price is $11.00 (incl. GST) per company per annum. Pricing denotes a minimum spend of $275 (incl. GST), which equates to 25 companies. Price includes DocuSign® e-signatures at no extra cost. The NowInfinity Terms and Conditions apply.