Customer experience videos

Making the switch to Class Super

Luke Atkins from SMSF Consultants explains how a trial of Class Super quickly convinced him it was the best solution for his business, and how the Class support team is always on hand to resolve any issues or questions.

Making the move to Class Super

Meg Heffron from Heffron SMSF Solutions talks about the ease of moving staff onto Class, the business efficiencies delivered by data feeds, and how Class greatly streamlines the processing of actuarial certificates.

Building a business in the Cloud

Gareth Bryant from Interactive Accounting discusses how cloud solutions enable his staff to work anywhere, any time; his high levels of confidence in Class Super data security; and how Class data feeds greatly speed up processing time leading to increased profitability, competitive pricing and better client service.

Increased productivity coupled with great training and support

Kris Kitto from Intello (formerly Superfund Wholesale) explains how Class Super has been an essential part of their business success and growth. He also talks about the 4 times productivity increase they’ve achieved, the ease of moving to Class and how highly he rates Class training and support team.

Significant business efficiencies and a better client experience

Scott Moroske from SuperXperience discusses how Class Super delivers significant processing efficiencies, and how the solution enables his business to be more proactive and spend more time with clients on their strategic needs.