Customer testimonials

“The TBAR functionality in Class has massively simplified the event-based reporting we need to complete on behalf of clients. The simple-to-use TBAR Console, advanced data filters and the easy creation of TBAR records for all reportable events will save us huge amounts of time and give us confidence that we are processing events correctly and in a timely manner. The functionality of providing access to TBAR records at a fund level makes it even easier to manage. This is a great example of Class making complex compliance requirements easy to manage for administrators, accountants and their clients. Nice work!”
Paul Murray, CEO, First Class Super

“We started using Class Super in 2011. The software has been a great SMSF processing solution that has given us the capability to grow our SMSF service and clients tenfold in 4 years. We are now able to be competitive by charging our clients less, whilst making more profit due to processing efficiency.”
Barossa Accounting & Tax Services

“Compared to other SMSF accounting software products, Class has enabled our accountants to look after two, if not three times as many SMSFs as they could previously.”
Superfund Partners

The time and cost savings of moving from a manual book keeping system to the highly automated Class Portfolio has been spectacular. Managing income utilising automated data feeds is simple and efficient along with tracking share trades and cost base or CGT calculations. Complex demergers and corporate actions are less daunting as you are prompted to deal with them as they’re happening and often with the tax ruling already embedded in the process. Class Portfolio manages broader asset classes, including property and fixed interest along with along list of accounting, taxation and reporting functionality making it exceptional value for money.
Warwick Burgess, IT Consultant

“I looked at the Class Super offering 3 times before making a decision to trial it in our office. Having trialled it I quickly saw that the Class Super software package was going to be able to more efficiently process our super fund data. The mistake I made was not going with it straight away.”
Mackenzie & Co

“With real time on-line access, client data access and streamlined online processes, Class Super has provided Kidmans Partners with the ‘missing function’ for the accounting of our SMSF and the ability to increase the firms EBIT.”
Kidmans Partners

“Not only did it take a lot less time to process the fund in Class Super, processing the transactions was a lot less cumbersome. If we had a query in regards to processing the transaction, we called the Class Super support centre, and received an answer immediately, or if not immediately then within the next half hour.”
Coomber & Co