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Class Trust empowers you to simplify and automate your trust accounting and administration in an industry-first cloud solution.

Powered by the market-leading wealth accounting software provider Class and replicating the award-winning features of Class Super for SMSF administration, Class Trust is designed to help accountants and advisers deliver the same efficiencies for trust administration for firms.

Class Trust can rapidly drive business efficiencies (pilot customers are seeing as much as 50% WIP reduction in the first year), solve disjointed manual processes and finally delivers a genuine trust accounting solution for accountants through comprehensive trust financial statements and tax reporting.

Start your journey into automated trust accounting and administration with the industry’s first solution.


Being able to review financials and investment reports in real time has enabled our staff to have more meaningful conversations with our clients. Class Trust has also removed a significant number of bottlenecks we would traditionally see when processing Trusts, and as a results we have seen great efficiency gains in our first year of using the system.

Timothy Kyriazis, Findex

Why choose Class Trust

Save hours of manual entry with automated investment tracking and reconciliation

Standardise processes of administering discretionary, family and unit trusts 

Access up to date information on your clients’ trust portfolios


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