The Macquarie Cash Management Account is preferred by 1 in 3 SMSFs and comes with award-winning functionality to enable control, transparency and speed.

The Macquarie Cash Management Account offers:

  • a platform purpose built for advisers – including adviser-initiated payments and a mobile banking app that streamlines processes to give you more time with your clients
  • visibility and control – easy online access gives your clients a comprehensive view of their investments. This can also be done through our award-winning mobile banking app
  • data feed integration – connected to more than 70 platforms, with ten years of statements available to help inform financial decisions and manage CGT.

NowInfinity integration: Once your entity has been established within NowInfinity, simply click a button to have your bank account application commence and be sent to your client instantly for finalisation. Getting the account number on the spot means there is one less thing to think about.