Class Super fastest growing provider, most recommended SMSF platform – SMSF Accountant Report

June 24, 2020

Sydney, June 24: Class Ltd (ASX:CL1) has become the most preferred platform among accountants looking to change their SMSF software provider, is the fastest growing and holds the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry, according to the recent Investment Trends SMSF Accountant Report.

The SMSF Accountant Report key findings include:

  • Class has seen the largest growth in the sector of primary relationships with accountants
  • Class is the fastest growing SMSF software provider
  • Class has the highest Net Promoter Score (+59) in the sector, the highest user advocacy of all SMSF admin platform providers
  • Class is the most favoured platform for accountants looking to change SMSF platform provider
  • Class customers are the least likely to change software provider
  • Class customers are the most active in recommending their provider.

“We have always said that delivering for our customers is the most important part of our business, and we are delighted that so many of the key areas we have performed well in are around customer satisfaction and advocacy,” Class CEO, Andrew Russell, said. “As we look to expand our products and services over the coming year, we are excited that our customers are our biggest advocates.

“We have always believed that what your customers are saying is an important metric of success and so we are pleased that we continue to serve our customers as they need and expect. We thank our customers for their continued belief in our business, and where we are going. We aim to be better each and every year.”

The SMSF Accountant Report also showed that customers expect their future services to incorporate increasing levels of automation.

“Driving efficiency through automation is one of the key pillars of the Class value proposition,” Russell said. “Both through recent acquisitions and our future product development, we aim to continue to lead the industry as a trusted technology partner.”

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