Class Ignite Live Blog Day 1

September 13, 2023

What an exciting afternoon of insights and knowledge at #ClassIgnite2023! 

Class Ignite Zeta Bar

From the economic and investment outlook to our what’s in an SMSF deed expert overview, our speakers delivered invaluable information. Plus, we explored cybersecurity essentials and got the inside scoop on the latest features in Class and NowInfinity. 

As the sun sets over Sydney, get ready for an unforgettable night ahead. All delegate tickets include entry to our Welcome Event at Zeta Bar at the Hilton, a rooftop terrace escape in the heart of the CBD. It’s the perfect opportunity to network, unwind, and continue the discussions from today’s sessions.

Caught in the Crossfire

Don’t miss Matina Jewell’s upcoming keynote presentation, Caught in the Crossfire. Get ready for a powerful message on leadership, resilience, and embracing challenges. Matina’s insights will inspire you to adapt, succeed, and drive positive change. Stay tuned for a session that promises to transform your perspective.

Matina Jewell Class Ignite

In this just-completed session, Shelley Banton, Head of Education at ASF Audits, revealed the power of automation in streamlining SMSF administration. She emphasized how one simple change in processes can reduce audit queries by up to 21%. Attendees learned how technology, data feeds, and automation can improve SMSF audit turnaround times, offering valuable strategies to optimise efficiency.

NowInfinity Product Update

Live now in Room 2 is the NowInfinity product update session! Attendees have the opportunity to dive deep into the product’s direction, exploring the latest time-saving features and upcoming developments.

#ProductUpdates #NowInfinity

Fraser Jack from The Cyber Collective

Fraser Jack Class Ignite Session
Do you take a ‘Band-Aid approach’ or ‘Structured approach’ to cyber security? In a Class Ignite session happening now in Room 2, Fraser Jack from The Cyber Collective is sharing why you need a comprehensive cyber security framework so you and your team know exactly what to do before, during and after a cyber threat.

Fraser Jack Class Ignite Session

Coming up soon, join Helen Wang and Saroj Adhikari as they explore the ins and outs of Class Support and FAQs. Gain valuable tips on navigating, processing, and troubleshooting issues within the Class application. Get ready to enhance your Class experience and streamline your workflow. 

Class Ignite David Bassanese

Happening now – David Bassanese from Betashares is sharing his insights into all things inflation, consumer spending and investment. We’re at the precipice of change with economies finally slowing down and rate hike cycles nearing their end. If markets get the soft landing they’re hoping for, David sees a near-future where value may play catch-up to growth.

What’s in an SMSF deed? What to look for and why it matters?

Just wrapped up a valuable session with Tracy Williams (GM, NowInfinity) and David Morgan (DGF Morgan) on What’s in an SMSF deed? What to look for and why it matters? The session provided vital insights on the importance of SMSF deeds. Discover how to offer your clients flexibility while safeguarding them from potential legal challenges.

For more information on the enhanced NowInfinity SMSF deed, see here.

Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI) and actuarial issues facing SMSFs

On now in room 1 is a deep dive into Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI) and actuarial issues facing SMSFs. Melanie Dunn breaks down the complexities and provides actionable insights to ensure you are ensure you are up to date with all things ECPI, segregation and actuarial certificates.

Our morning at #ClassIgnite2023 has been full of insights, inspiration and connection.

We kicked off with a CEO welcome, setting the stage for a day of exploration. The panel discussion on the Class Annual Benchmark Report 2023 left us with much to ponder, especially about younger generations driving SMSF establishments and the impact of the proposed $3 million super cap. 

Now, as we recharge over lunch, we’re thrilled to offer a glimpse of the action-packed afternoon ahead. Dive into discussions on essential topics including what’s in an SMSF deed and why it matters, ECPI and actuarial issues facing SMSFs, a closer look at Class product updates, and insights into building cyber confidence in professional services firms. Plus, don’t miss the economic outlook session with Betashares economist David Bassanase that promises to shed light on the forces shaping our financial markets. 

Our speakers are poised to share their wisdom and insights, so stay tuned for an afternoon packed with SMSF knowledge and innovation. #smsf #insights #afternoonagenda 

Plenary keynote – Maximising Efficiency with Class – ASAE 3402 Assurance Reports

Class Ignite ASEA 3402 Assurance Reports

Live now!

Our plenary panel session on ASAE 3402 Assurance Reports hosted by Jo Hurley (GM Growth) is live and loaded with valuable insights. The panel is discussing Class’s pioneering role in independently certified and automated data feeds and sharing how these reports maximise efficiency, ensure data integrity, and provide peace of mind to accountants and auditors.

Plenary keynote – A new tax on the horizon – how to deal with it

Meg Heffron Class Ignite

On now at Class Ignite 2023, Heffron Managing Director Meg Heffron discusses how advisers and accountants can help their clients get ready for the upcoming $3m+ super tax. Withdrawing money from super is not necessarily the answer. Meg shares five other strategies that may have a better outcome for clients.


Benchmark Report Panel Session

Class Annual Benchmark Report 2023

Recap: Plenary panel – Insights shaping our industry from the Class Annual Benchmark Report 2023

Our expert panel members have covered a number of key insights from our Annual Benchmark Report for 2023.

  • Younger generations driving fund establishments: The panel discussed how younger generations are the driving force in Class SMSF establishments. With a reduced median member age for all SMSF members in the last 10 years, it’s crucial to understand Gen X and Millennials’ unique characteristics.
  • Increasing Contributions: The panel delved into the increasing average contributions per member, driven by indexation and the removal of the work test.
  • $3 Million Super Cap Impact: A big topic of discussion was the potential impact of the proposed $3 million super cap, focusing on how it might affect older Australians and their retirement plans.
  • Narrowing Gender Gap: The gender gap within SMSFs continues to narrow, while it’s widening in APRA funds.
  • Tax-Free Earnings: SMSF members’ ability to enjoy tax-free earnings in retirement was a significant topic of discussion, particularly in comparison to APRA fund members.
  • Cost-Effective Retirement: Despite recent changes in auditor independence and inflation, SMSFs remain a cost-effective retirement saving vehicle. The panel discussed the factors contributing to this cost-effectiveness.

Have you downloaded the full report? Get access to expert insights here:

Jo Hurley Class Benchmark Report Panel Session Class ignite 2023 Meg Heffron Class Benchmark Report Panel Session

Class Benchmark Report Session Class Ignite 2023

Welcome address from Tim Steele (CEO, Class)

Live now! Tim Steele (Class CEO), is on stage launching the 2023 Class Annual Benchmark Report sharing exclusive insights on fund establishments, the proposed $3 million super cap, contributions, the super gender gap, investments, and more. Want access to the complete report? Download it now:

Class Ignite 2023 | Tim Steele

Good morning, #ClassIgnite2023 attendees!

We’re thrilled to kick off this year’s Class Ignite conference, where we bring together the sharpest minds in the industry to explore the latest trends, insights, and strategies in SMSFs.

This morning, you’ll dive deep into sessions covering the launch of our 2023 Annual Benchmark Report with a panel of expert speakers, and delve into the proposed new tax on members with super balances over $3m with Meg Heffron and explore some of the new challenges and decisions for impacted clients.

Don’t miss the CEO welcome by Tim Steele, where he’ll share key findings from our latest Benchmark Report. This is just the beginning of an incredible journey, so buckle up and get ready for a day of inspiration, insights and connection.
#ClassIgnite2023 #dayonewelcome

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