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Class SMSF Benchmark Report – December 2018

5 February 2019: Class has released its SMSF Benchmark Report for December 2018, which includes a detailed feature on the asset allocation preferences of over 3,000 managed funds.

In previous Benchmark Reports, Class has used the Top 20 managed funds as an indicator of investment preferences for SMSFs holding managed funds. Broadening the analysis to a much larger group has delivered interesting insights, including:

  • For the top 20 managed funds, international equities account for 51.6% of holdings. For the broader set of over 3,000 managed funds, the figure drops to 34.1% – however it still remains the top asset class
  • The top 20 managed funds have higher holdings in cash then the broader set (13.5% vs 9%) – however they have zero holdings in direct property, while the broader set holds 4.2%.

Full report can be downloaded from here.

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