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Class announces new actuarial certificate integration with A.S.A.P. Advice

Class, the provider of Class Super, Australia’s leading cloud solution for administration of self-managed super funds (SMSFs), today announced the addition of actuarial certificate services from existing partner, A.S.A.P. Advice (A.S.A.P.), an industry leader in digital advice for SMSFs.

Actuarial certificates are generally required for SMSFs that pay a pension income stream and have an accumulation interest. The purpose of the certificate is to determine what proportion of the fund’s income is exempt from tax. With more SMSFs required to use actuarial certificates as a result of the super reforms, it’s important that investors have a choice of provider.

Jim Hennington, A.S.A.P.’s actuary, said: “SMSF technology continues to deliver efficiencies and cost savings for accountants year on year. It’s a natural extension of our digital advice platform to provide actuarial certificates.

“Our 3-factor authentication system identifies potential scenario questions and automatically helps users resolve them before the order is finalised, rather than having to put the file down and wait for a call or email from the actuary. This means less amendment work for accountants and more time for them to spend with their clients.”

Class CEO Kevin Bungard said: “We’re delighted to include A.S.A.P. as our latest actuarial certificate provider. Supporting our partners and enabling them to offer additional services under the Class partner ecosystem is key to delivering additional solutions and driving efficiency for our customers.”

A.S.A.P. joins Accurium, Heffron, Act2, Haintz Actuarial, Lime Actuarial and Verus Actuarial as actuarial certificate providers in Class’ widening partner ecosystem.

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