New Data Feed Request

Use this form to request an additional Cash, Broker or other data feeds.

Please note: Class relies on the cooperation of the data providers and Class Users to get new feeds in place. The following contact details will assist us with coordinating the establishment of a new data feed.

Class prioritises the implementation of data feeds based on demand and the level of support from data providers and Class users. Class may not be able to arrange a data feed if:

  • the data provider does not consider the number of accounts to be sufficient to justify the effort required to put the data feed in place
  • no Class user is willing to participate in the testing of the data feed and associated authority process

Feed Requester's Details

Class users, prospective Data Feed Providers and Class staff can lodge a request for a new Data Feed. Please provide details about you or the person you are acting for

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Feed Provider's Details

Please provide details of your Account Manager/Contact at the data provider who may be able to assist us with getting this feed in place

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Class User's Business Details

Details of the contact at the business requesting this data feed. If you are acting on multiple Class user requests then please specify a client who is likely to assist with beta testing.

Class User Business Code *

Class User Contact Name *

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Class User Contact Phone Number *

Number of Accounts with this Provider *

(If you know, or can estimate, the number of Class accounts with this provider, please let us know so that we can collate this information and gauge the strength of the demand for this data feed.)

the Class User can provide authority for 5-10 accounts to be used as part of a 'pilot' for this feed

*These fields are mandatory but you can enter n/a if you do not know the details