Join our weekly webinars to walk through our corporate compliance platform and all of its capabilities.

These webinars are perfect for anyone in your business who will be working on corporate compliance.

These webinars will cover how to analyse your Corporate Messenger platform, how to utilise bundle changes, the many ways you can view a company’s profile and much more!

These webinars are pre-recorded. Knowledge base user guides are available here.

Corporate Messenger Part 1

An overview of Corporate Messenger, it covers accessing companies information, preparing ASIC forms and sending annual statements.

When: Every Tuesday, 1:00 – 1:40PM AEST

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Corporate Messenger Part 2

An overview of the Corporate Messenger Settings, and how to utilise all functionalities, including activating automatic reminders and customising templates. Recommended for users with a Portal Administrator access.

When: Every Tuesday, 2:00 – 2:20PM AEST

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Manage ASIC affairs with Corporate Messenger, our leading Corporate Compliance solution.


Roxane Bidoilleau

Senior Consultant