Class Training

Class offers free training for all registered Class users.

Our on-demand training modules provide a flexible approach to learning and can be accessed on any device at any time.

Class training modules provide comprehensive knowledge on all key aspects of Class, including how to set up, manage and streamline the processing of SMSFs and investment portfolios.

You can also conduct self-assessments at the end of each module so you can track your progress as you build your knowledge of Class.

Class training modules cover the following areas:

  • Class fundamentals
  • Business settings
  • Business contacts
  • New funds and portfolios on Class
  • Class data feeds
  • Members, pensions and asset segregation
  • Managing your investments
  • Managing your property investments
  • Reporting, year end and ATO lodgment
  • Intro to Class Super for SMSF Auditors

To access Class Training, simply login.