Class Support Services

All Class users are provided with a complimentary range of support resources and services to help get the most from our products. Below you will find information on how you can access and use these services.

The Class Help Centre
The Class Help Centre contains information on getting started with Class, transitioning your funds, Class menus, training course outlines, fact sheets, FAQ’s and videos on Class. The Help Centre can be accessed from the Class application by clicking on the Help question mark icon located on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Class Release Notes
Class has a continuous improvement program with new features and enhancements released on a monthly basis. These are documented in the Release Notes which also provide usage instructions on the released items. Release notes are emailed to registered Class users and can also be accessed from the User Guide.

Class Education
Class Education provides online on-demand training courses which cover a wide range of topics related to Class.

Online training and course details can be found on the Class website at

See for details provided by Class education partners.

Implementation Services
Class has a dedicated team of accounting qualified Implementation Consultants to guide you through your onboarding experience.  You will be assigned an Implementation consultant who will work with you to resolve any issues that may arise in the first 90 days of the on-boarding process.  Your consultant will also introduce you to our Support resources which will assist you with any on-going support issues.

Transition Services
The Class Transitions Team can manage the process of transitioning your data to Class. In most cases, Class can load data based on report extracts and data files from your existing software provider. Please refer to your agreement with Class. Class works on a 1-2 week SLA for transitioning funds, depending on the time of year.

The Class Transitions Team can also perform additional services to save you further time. These include platform/wrap reconstructions (to enable Class data feeds); loading depreciation schedules and consolidating property assets from previous systems; and transaction backfilling services.

To contact the Class Transitions Team, email or phone 1300 851 058 and Press 2.

Transitions Management System (TMS)
You can use the Transitions Management System (TMS) in Class to get your funds onto Class quickly, simply and securely.

To access the TMS in Class navigate to Business > Upload funds.  From TMS you can access the TMS Help Guide for instructions on using the TMS and review the relevant checklist for your source data system to make sure you send the correct information.

Class Conference
Class holds an annual conference where we review recent Class product features and enhancements, showcase partner integrations and run open Class support desk clinics. The conference program also covers the latest industry and business hot topics, SMSF strategies and legislation.

All Class users receive early notification of the conference dates, planned program and registration details.

Product Enhancement Requests
Suggestions and ideas for enhancements and new features are very important to us and we appreciate our customers taking the time to submit these requests.  Enhancement requests are reviewed regularly and the information may be used as part of the continuous improvement of our products and services. You can add your suggestions by logging a feature request from our website

Customer Feedback
Class is committed to providing customers with the highest possible level of service. We are also continually looking at ways of improving our products and services to you. Click here to find out how to leave feedback.

ASAE 3402 Type I and Type II Assurance
Class has an ASAE 3402 Type I Assurance Report which is a review of the design and implementation of controls for the Class Data Feeds system as at 30 June 2016. This review confirmed Data Feeds are monitored to ensure that the account transactions are received and that once received, controls are in place within the Class Data Feed system managing security, integrity and availability of data.

Class achieved a Type II Assurance Report as at 30 June 2019 which provides additional assurance that the controls were operating effectively over the past 12 months.

This report can be supplied to auditors who request it from and provide evidence that they are auditing Class funds (i.e. be an invited Auditor to a Business or Fund(s)).

Class Support
If you have an issue that can’t be resolved through the services outlined above, you can log a support request with Class Support.

Our highly experienced team of accounting qualified Support Analysts are available to assist you with any issues you may encounter using our software.  The Support Team has been the recipient of multiple recent industry awards in recognition of their efforts.

Class Support offers a comprehensive set of services that cover product and data feed support.  All requests received by Class Support are logged and tracked in our industry-leading Customer Support solution.

Class Support does not include:

  • Telephone training
  • Taxation, superannuation or technical advice (Class consultants are under strict instructions not to provide technical/accounting/taxation services and/or advice of any nature to customers)
  • Remote desktop support
  • Network or PC support. Please refer to minimum system requirements.

Where the Support Analyst believes your request can be resolved by using existing resources like the User Guide or Training, they may direct you to the appropriate resources.  They may also recommend you to other resources where they believe it will be beneficial to your ongoing use of the Class Products.

Support availability and response times
The Class Support Team is based in Sydney and is available between the hours of 08.30 and 17.30 AEST Monday – Thursday and 08.30 to 17.00 AEST Friday, excluding NSW public holidays.

Class Service Levels
The service level response times provided are dependent on the level of severity of the issue raised.  See Class service level policy for details.

How to log a support request
There are a number of different ways of raising a support request:

  1. Through the Class application. This is the preferred mechanism to log a support request and is available within the application via the green question mark > Help using Class > Contact Us > Class Support.
  2. Email Class Support at Please include as much information as possible about the issue to assist a speedy resolution.
  3. Phone Class Support on 1300 851 057 and Press 1. Class provides reasonable use phone support. Please note that in busy periods you may need to leave a voice mail and a Support Analyst will respond as soon as possible.

Who can log a support request?
You must be an authorised user of the Class application to be able to log a support request.  Class does not provide support to Investors, Trustees and/or Members who are using client view.

Support request process
After you have logged a support request a ticket will be raised and you will receive email notifications of any updates to the ticket as it is managed to resolution.

The ticket statuses have the following meanings.

Ticket statusMeaning
NewThe request has been logged in our system but has not yet been actioned
First Call ResolutionThe phone call support request was resolved within the first call and no further action will be taken unless requested by the customer.
Under ReviewYour support request is being investigated by a Support Analyst
Waiting on CustomerThe Support Analyst is waiting for you to respond to their question before taking any further action
Customer RespondedYou have responded to a request for more information and your request is under further investigation by the Support Analyst
ClosedThe request has been closed and no further action will be taken because:

  • the issue was fixed and the fix is available
  • or the issue has been assigned to the development queue for fixing in a scheduled release. You will be notified when released.
  • or no action taken as the system is functioning as intended
  • or the issue is with a third-party system e.g. feed provider, and Class has no further action points
  • or no action taken as a work around has been found and been communicated to you
  • or an enhancement request has been added to the Class Road Map for future consideration.
Closed – NRThe request has been closed with no response required by Class Support.
Level 2 SupportThe Support Analyst has escalated the request to the Level 2 Support team and you will be notified when a method of resolution is identified.
Feeds Provider EscalationThe Support Analyst has escalated the request to the Data Feeds Team who will work with the external Feed Provider to resolve the issue.  The Support Analyst will notify you when the issue has been resolved with the Provider.
Escalated Support TicketThe request has been escalated to our internal development team or to the ATO for resolution. You will receive progress updates as the issue is managed to resolution.

Data Feed Support
Class provides a dedicated page within the Class User Guide to update users on the latest known status of data feeds. Before contacting support about the status of a data feed please reference data feeds status page.

The Data Feeds Support Team are accounting and/or IT qualified Support Analysts who specialise in Data Feeds and work with our external Feed Providers to resolve any issues as they occur.

You can request Class to add a new Data Feed by completing the form at

For more information about Class Data Services please see application terms & conditions.

Fair Use Policy
To ensure the continued availability of our services, we have a ‘Fair Use Policy’ to make sure our services are not subject to misuse. Please see our fair use policy

Class Training

Class offers free training for all registered Class users. Please view this page for more details.