Aha! Portal

Aha! provides a platform for you to voice your feedback, enabling you to submit your own requests and ideas, as well as vote and comment on other customers’ ideas. The platform also allows us to be completely transparent and open with you about where we’re taking our product, and it allows us to truly listen to what you have to say.

Ways in which you can use Aha! Portal:

  • Submit requests / ideas & vote on ideas
  • Get  timely feedback on requests from product decision makers
  • Gain greater insight into upcoming releases
  • Increase your impact on feature development

Get started with Aha!

We’d love for you to come and take a look around and suggest some ideas for us. To do this, you will have to nominate one NowInfinity user from your business, who will act as your representative.

Please enter your nominee’s name and email address that they have registered with NowInfinity Once we confirm that they are a NowInfinity user, they will be invited to join Aha!