The Class in-house support team is comprised of highly skilled specialists that aim to answer all your enquiries accurately and efficiently. Your support team can be contacted via email, phone or if preferred can come to your business to assist (fee applies).

For assistance please contact your Class Support Team on:

  • 1300 851 057 (8:30am – 5:30pm AEDT, Mon – Thur; 8:30am – 5:00pm AEDT, Fri)


If you are a Licensed Class Super User you can login into Class direct from your browser or via the older Windows view.

New Class Browser Access
Class Super has recently launched a new browser based experience for Class users. The new browser access allows users to login to the application anywhere and anytime on their choice of browser and device. Login to the browser access for Class at


Windows Application Download

Click here to download.

Note: The Windows application has been superseded by the new direct browser access but if your business is still using the Windows install you can download it from here.


Minimum Hardware and Software Specifications

For information regarding application Minimum Hardware and Software Specifications please click here.

Support FAQs

Some commonly-asked support questions regarding Class Super and Class Investment Reporter.

What happens if our internet connection is down?
There is no limit to the number of computers from which the software can be downloaded, and therefore accessed. As long as the application is downloaded onto the PC/laptop you are using, you can access Class Super and Class Investment Reporter from almost anywhere. So if your internet is down in the office, you might want to access if from your home, another office or the internet cafe down the road. Having said this, our experience is that Internet connections are very rarely down for any length of time.

Does the number of users accessing Class Super or Class Investment Reporter impact bandwidth?
Class Super and CIR have been designed from the ground up to be a “thin client” which means that it uses the Internet connection very cleverly and requires a minimum of bandwidth.

Is my data safe?
Our servers are located in a highly secure data centre run by reputable top-tier hosting providers. Data is backed-up to a secondary, interstate site on a continuous basis – even in the event of a major disaster your data is safe.

Can anyone else access my data?
A robust authentication and authorisation regimen rigidly restricts access to authorised persons only. IT controls and regular external “penetration” testing ensure the security measures are working in practice, not just in theory.

Who controls the data?
The data is controlled entirely by us – no data is stored overseas. Even physical access is controlled – Class’ servers are located in a locked cage within the secured hosting site, which itself has biometric access controls and constant surveillance.

Who owns the data?
Licensees own their data – they can export it at any time and we will only provide it to the clients’ authorised users.

Is my data backed up?
Data is instantly backed-up at the hosting site and shipped within 15 minutes to our interstate Disaster Recovery site. Clients can export their own copies of the data at any time.