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Below is the list of Class training modules. These on-demand training modules provide a more flexible approach to learning that can be accessed on any device, any time.

We have also added Single Sign On functionality, which allows you to access these modules with your Class credentials. If you don’t have a Class login, you can request access by clicking here.

For course outlines, visit our Class Training page.

Module 1: Class Fundamentals

Module 2: Class Data Feeds

Module 3: Reporting, year end and ATO lodgment

Module 4: Members, Pensions and Asset Segregation

Module 5: Managing your investments

Module 6: New Funds and Portfolios on Class

Module 7a: Business Settings

Module 7b: Business Contacts

Module 8: Managing your Property Investments

Module 9: Intro to Class Super for SMSF Auditors 

Please note: for an optimum user experience, please ensure you have a fast Internet connection and sound enabled, before starting the on-demand training modules.   

Class Education is provided subject to the terms and conditions of the Class End User Licence Agreement.

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