NowInfinity boosts your practice’s productivity by centralising document and entity management in a single, user-friendly platform. Access 70+ legally compliant documents to easily establish and maintain Companies, Trusts, SMSFs, and more.

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Discover customisable SMSF establishment and related documents.

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Discover customisable Trust establishment and related documents.

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Discover customisable Company establishment and related documents.

Key benefits of a legal documentation full service solution

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    Current and Compliant

    All documents are legally reviewed and up to date with the latest legislation.

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    Use your branding

    Customise documents by branding them or opt for our branding for a professional touch.

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    Save time

    Seamlessly integrated with other platforms like Xero Practice Manager and Class Super.

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    Optimised workflows

    Access electronic signing to finalise documents and communicate with your clients in real time.

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    Increased Productivity

    Efficiently manage the end-to-end documentation process to support the advice that you’ve given to your client

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    Avoid data duplication

    Upload your existing data into NowInfinity with the click of a button. Reduce endless data duplication and time-wasting.

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    Streamline registrations

    Setup bank accounts, ABN, TFN and ACNs in seconds.

  • Constantly evolving

    Access 70+ document templates that evolve in response to client feedback.

Frequently Ordered Legal Documents


SMSF Deed of Establishment

A SMSF is a superannuation trust structure which allows the SMSF’s members to control the investment decisions made in relation to their retirement savings.

  • Digital:$160 Inc GST
  • Slimline:$203 Inc GST
  • Binder:$260 Inc GST

Discretionary Trust

Establish a Discretionary Trust with ASIC, enabling a flexible structure where the Trustee has the discretion to determine income and capital distributions to beneficiaries without preset entitlements.

  • Digital:$160 inc GST
  • Slimline:$203 inc GST
  • Binder:$260 inc GST

Standard Company

This service is used to set up and register a Standard Company with ASIC as a beneficiary company limited by shares.

  • Digital:$704 inc GST
  • Slimline:$778 inc GST
  • Binder:$814 inc GST

Pricing Options

On-demand Documents

Access 70+ high quality documents instantly to establish and maintain Companies, Trusts, SMSFs and more.

Document Subscriptions

Unlock substantial savings across each documentation package.*

  • Doc 25: Save $1,000
  • Doc 50: Save $2,200
  • Doc 100: Save $4,750
  • Doc 200: Save $11,900
  • Doc 250+: Contact us

Important Information:
*Savings based on potential document order scenario for some of our most popular documents orders including Standard Company, Discretionary Trust and more.
Prices exclude GST and the cost of hard copy printing and deeds stamping.
Prices exclude ASIC fee on document purchases.
Any document usage over the cap at each package will be charged based on on-demand pricing.

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Cathy Mardell Howard
Managing Director, Skyring

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Any document usage over the cap at each package will be charged based on Pay As You Go pricing.

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Documentation Suite Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Documentation Suite?

One central location which provides you access to 70+ legally backed documents, available on-demand or subscription for efficient, streamlined document creation. Find out more.

Register a Standard Company

Please log in to NowInfinity and click the menu. Go to create document and choose ‘Standard Company’ under the Company Formations section. For further instructions please read more.

How to Establish a Trust

NowInfinity offers a full suite of trust documents in the Documentation Suite including documents to establish: Discretionary Trusts – including the ability to set up a trust where the lineal descendent is either capital or fully reserved; Fixed Unit Trust; and NSW Land Tax Unit Trust. For further instructions please read more.

Establishing a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

NowInfinity provides an extensive list of Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)-related documents, including the SMSF Establishment Deed. These documents can be found in the Create Documents page (navigate to Menu > Documents > Create Documents). For further instructions please read more.

What are the Document Suite subscription options?

Unlock savings across each package. You can have access to 25, 50, 100 and 200 documents per annum. Find out more.

How to Register a Public Company

When you use the NowInfinity Public Company registration services, a Company Constitution will not be generated. You will need to source this externally or our legal services provider can assist on a fee-for-service basis. For further instructions please read more.

Creating a Discretionary Trust in NowInfinity

To create a Discretionary Trust visit NowInfinity and choose ‘Create Document’. Click the relevant document type. For further instructions please read more.

Why and when is a witness required to sign a trust deed?

When establishing a deed, if the Trustee is an individual then it is a legal requirement that a witness attests to the signing of the deed by that individual Trustee. It serves as evidence of the actual execution of the deed, by the said individual, as it appears). For further instructions please read more.

Optional legal review and sign off from our legal partner DGF Morgan

NowInfinity, whilst providing legal document solutions (which are licensed and maintained by our external legal providers), does not have an in-house legal team that can provide a custom legal document solution or legal advice service that is client-specific.

Our external legal services provider DGF Morgan and Associates is led by David Morgan, Founding Director. David has over 40 years’ experience in drafting deeds, constitutions, contracts and many other legal documents.

In addition to being NowInfinity’s external legal provider supporting our legal document templates and providing support and advice to our clients, David and the team at DGF Morgan practise in a broad range of areas, including, estate planning, superannuation, corporate restructures, trusts, commercial law, business acquisitions and sales, property law and more.

David is a member of the Law Society of NSW, a Chartered Tax Adviser with the Tax Institute, a member of the NTAA and until recently, chaired disciplinary hearing tribunals for CPA Australia.

Learn more about our legal service providers.