Class’ Client View

Grant client’s access to view up to date entities and other investment portfolio data

Class’ client view allows you to provide beneficiaries with 24/7 access to an up to date view of their entity’s financial position, taxable income and capital gains.

Whenever you’re ready, you can simply invite your clients to have secure access to their portfolio data. And by using white labels in Class, you can make sure that client view, plus the access invitations you send to your clients, look and feel just like your own brand.

All the up to date information your clients need
With an optimised mobile experience, the simple to use, intuitive interface means accountants, advisers and beneficiaries can easily access all the information they need, whenever they need it. They can quickly view their investment income, performance, valuations, asset allocation and more. Class’ client view provides all the current data and reporting your clients need to directly support and feed their investment decisions.

Simple and secure communication
With Class’ client messaging, you can simply and securely exchange messages and documents with your trustees. Any documents received from the beneficiaries using client messaging will automatically be stored with any other entity documents in Class.

Built around the needs of beneficiaries
Client view is built on our experience of working closely with an extensive number of trustees and investors to understand their varying situations and needs, and then built the new experience around those requirements.

Boost your client service levels
Class’ client view is the perfect way to enhance your client experience and add value to the service you deliver today, helping to strengthen your client relationships. It gives you complete flexibility on when and where you interact with your clients, and by allowing you and your client to access a shared view of up to date data on phones and tablets, it makes meetings more engaging and productive.

Invited advisers can also easily access their client’s investment data, allowing you to deliver timely service and further improve their client experience.