Client messaging

Simple and secure communication between you and your clients

Class’ client messaging provides a simple and secure way to exchange messages and documents between you and your clients.

Client messaging is as simple to use as the texting and messaging programs available on your smart phone, but with the filtering capabilities of email. Accountants and administrators can send and receive messages from Class, and your clients can respond and receive messages in Class’ client view, from their PC, tablet or smart phone.

Quickly identify when action is needed

Messages are categorised so you can quickly sort and filter them. The message status function means you can track messages across all your clients from a single screen, so it’s easy to see at a glance which messages need your attention.

You can also receive email notifications when there are new messages that require a response, and determine the frequency at which you’d like to receive those alerts.

Exchanging documents is simple

Client messaging also makes it easy to attach and send documents between you and your clients. File types currently supported include PDF, image files and text files.

Even better, documents exchanged via client messaging are automatically tagged and added to the Class document management system for later reference. You can apply additional tags from a pre-defined list within Class, or from your own customised set of business tags.