Class Mobile App

The Class mobile app gives your clients convenient, on the go access to a detailed, up to date overview of their investment data on their smartphone.

They can now easily track the performance of their SMSF from their smartphone, including investment income, valuations, asset allocation and more.

You can securely exchange messages with clients using the app, including electronic documents. They can even send you documents by taking a photograph of the documents on their phone.

The Class mobile app is available for funds administered on both Class Super and Class Portfolio.

To get the mobile app, simply search for Class Investor in the App Store or Google Play Store, or click on the relevant icon below.

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The mobile app is available for both iPhone (minimum iOS 9 – we recommend iPhone 5 and above) and Android (minimum v5.0 “Lollipop”).

Clients Expect Access On the Go

SMSF trustees and other portfolio investors increasingly expect that they will have a 24/7, up to date and comprehensive view of their super or non-super wealth.

Having easy access to their portfolio information is also a vital part of sound investment decision-making. The mobile app provides the data and reporting SMSF trustees and portfolio investors need to support and inform their investment decisions.

Giving your clients access to the Class mobile app will make your business more efficient and strengthen your client relationships and customer service.

Designed for Smartphones

The Class mobile app applies the latest functionalities of modern smartphones to create a smooth, efficient and responsive user experience, including fingerprint login for compatible devices.

Quickly and easily navigate between contributions, pensions and performance screens with the three button menu.

With the Class mobile app your clients can:

  • See a full breakdown of their investments and their current value
  • See an up to date view of their portfolio’s investment performance
  • See top and bottom performers for listed securities, including supported overseas markets
  • View a record of bank accounts and transactions
  • See information about their superannuation contributions and pensions
  • Exchange secure messages and documents with their accountant or administrator
  • Take a photo of a document and send it to their administrator
  • Login with a fingerprint or PIN