Auto Journaling

Processing events, not just debits and credits

With Class, you don’t need to worry about posting debits and credits – we handle that ‘under the covers’ for you.

Class uses the concept of ‘business events’, to save you having to complete general journals, which is simpler, more accurate and less error-prone.

Rather than processing multiple transactions to get an event into Class, the application understands the nature of the event you are processing.

For example, if you purchase BHP shares, instead of having to process separate journals for the purchase, brokerage and GST impact, Class simply processes a single event for the purchase. All underlying journals, together with richer and more granular data, are processed and retained.

All transactions include a full audit trail and are easy to trace and simple to reprocess where required.  The system was designed to be forgiving, so you no longer need to spend hours trying to correct errors or make changes.