Class Adviser Dashboard

The Class adviser dashboard delivers up to date, actionable insights to help advisers guide their clients’ investment strategies and performance.

It’s the easy to use, convenient way to make sure you have complete visibility of all the portfolios you’re managing, and stay on top of potential strategies and any actions that need to be taken.


Dashboard – The dashboard provides an easy to view summary of all the SMSF and non-super portfolios you’re managing across your entire client base. See investments by market type, the top 20 investments across all portfolios, low cash balances, identify potential issues such as contribution cap breaches and keep up to date with market news.


Dynamic filtering makes it easy to sort by a wide range of values. For example you can group portfolios by high cash or low cash balances, type of investments and fund values within specified ranges. You can also easily see which of your clients own which domestic equities eg BHP, or international equities eg Google (Class provides a powerful and greatly simplified solution for processing and accounting of foreign assets).

When you start using the adviser dashboard, you can set up your own user preferences. You can, for example, create your own definition of ‘high cash’ or ‘low cash’ filtering which will then be applied.

You can also easily identify any actions that need to be taken to make sure clients remain compliant – for example any clients who are in danger of going over their contributions caps.




In addition to being able to view, filter and group portfolios you can also drill down to see much more detailed information on each of your client portfolios, including investment income, performance, valuations, asset allocation and more.


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About Class

Class is the developer of Australia’s leading cloud-based SMSF administration software, Class Super and Class Portfolio, a powerful software solution for administration and reporting of non-super entities.

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